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Views: 1453 · Added: 3289 days ago

Hi, I'm Korbe!
If you love sex & videogames then you're in the right place!
I'm tired of all the violence & hate in videogames because clearly
it is having a negative effect on people. They are angry at everything & I feel if there was more sex there'd be less hate! Check out www.pormub.com/users/korbeskorner
for my Skyrim Porn Vids.

Real Porn at Bonetoob?
Views: 4663 · Added: 4307 days ago

So I'm wondering if REAL porn is welcome here if it's
'Bone' related like a scene of a gamer getting a blowjob while
playing a D-dub game or a girl getting banged in a Bonetown shirt?
Etc,Etc. Just a thought I had so I figured I'd ask.

Mixin n Matching
Views: 1787 · Added: 4496 days ago

Is it ok to mix music from Bonetown w/ video from Bonecraft?
And other splicing of audio & video from either game...
Or should all audio in a Bonecraft vid be JUST from BC?
Sorry I can't ask that any better. :P

Music for videos.
Views: 1918 · Added: 4619 days ago

If I make a video w/ Bonetown footage, then place a song over it,
lets say a Korn tune, would that be illegal? If so, what about using
a song from Bonetown? Like a Kevlee song? I don't wanna break the 'law'!I play by the rules! VIVA LA DDUB!