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Porn XXX
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"You'll finish this torment by admitting I win the bet."
She smiled seductively at me as she caressed one among her giant black breasts.
I shook my head.
"No approach, I can take being teased like this for days," I said, not willing to grant in however as I reached out to grab one of her breasts.
She playfully hit my hand aside and then straddled my pelvis along with her sweet pussy a scant inch or 2 on top of my penis.
"However, I grasp you want to fuck me, lover, all you have got to try and do is admit you are my slave," she said, rising her hips higher as I attempted vainly to plunge my aching dick into her ebony and moist pussy.
"Never," I groaned in frustration. "I don’t care how bad I get. I will never be your slave."
Mercy giggled slightly and began kissing my chest, taking time to require every of my nipples into her mouth. Then, slowly, she kissed her method down until her head was simply above the top of my shaft. Slowly, she brought one hand over my shaft touching it so lightly I might barely tell her hand was there. Then, she blew her hot breath out XXX Interracial Porn over my manhood. I shivered uncontrollably once more, making an attempt to force her to grab my shaft harder or at least place her mouth over it. Once more, she moved away.
"Just say it," she said.
Again, I shook my head and, again, she gently stroked my shaft along with her hand inflicting me to moan again.
"Please, Angela, simply fuck me already!" I begged.
"Then say it."
I nodded.
"Okay, Okay you win." I said desperately. "Currently, fuck me damnit!"
Gloria smiled.
"Not till you say it," she said once more, stroking my shaft ever thus lightly.
"Fine!" I said in exasperation. "I'm your slave. Now, please, please just fuck me!"
Smiling, Phenomenal again straddled my pelvis. However, rather than bringing her moist cunt down on my shaft, she looked me in the eyes.
"Thus you're my slave?"
"Yes, Bootymania I am your slave," I said desperately.
"And, you'll do whatever I tell you to try to to?" she asked.
"Yes, anything you tell me to try and do," I said straining my shaft upward trying to penetrate her magnificent black cunt.
"Good boy," she said and then she impaled her sweet wet vagina down on my eager penis.
I pumped myself into her furiously with all my frustration and want driving me like an animal caught in a very frenzy. Frequently I pounded myself into her vagina.