4639 days ago
By: BoneToob

BoneToob is hosting video contests giving the community ways to win cool prizes!

The second BoneToob contest will be the "BoneTown Angel Contest." Winners of this contest will receive a FREE BoneTown/Ron Jeremy T-Shirt as well as a FREE copy of BoneCraft when it releases!

For this contest contestants will submit their gameplay footage of them getting to the angel chick as fast as possible! Player with the most time left wins!

1. Videos Must be under 150mb.
2. No screen fades or edits!
3. Must be in the Category "BoneTown Angel Contest"
4. Must be tagged Correctly:

To enter BoneToob contests please upload your content under the right category and tag it with:
1) Name of the Game. i.e. BoneTown
2) Name of Contest. i.e The Best Angel
3) (Optional) Any other tags you would like! i.e. Weed, Crack, Downtown, etc.

If you do not follow the above rules you will not be entered into the contest and your video will be placed in the correct category elswhere. Thank you for participating! May the fastest person win!

BoneToob contests never end! We give away prizes to weekly winners!


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BoneToob - 4631 days ago

Congratulations to raziel321 for submitting his Angel Chick video with 5.96 seconds left he has a free RJ T-Shirt and copy of BoneCraft coming his way! Damn fast!