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Weekend Psychic Fairs

Being psychic and psychic reading is an ability we all have, yet is often misunderstood. What is it all about? The word comes from a Greek word 'psychikos', meaning 'of the mind'. This can be literally translated as: having the ability to see or perceive hidden information beyond the normal senses, usually called extrasensory perception or ESP.

Remember, psychic readings take time and can leave you feeling vulnerable and emotional. So if you can, schedule your appointment on the day when you don't have a lot to do, work or at home. After the reading, you should try to find some alone time and think about what the reading said, and you can incorporate it into your life.

Many people express a deep fondness for the Empress' motherly love. It is because of this that these same people often feel fearful of the patriarchal sternness expressed by the Emperor. In the Waite deck, the Emperor seems stern and dark. He has a vast array of armor and seems to be poised in the heat of the desert. Seen also with this deck is how a narrow stream tries to make its way through multiple layers of earthen rock. Alternately, a calm, soothing river ran through a flourishing garden for the Empress.Sometimes other decks of tarot cards have tried to present the image of the Emperor in a more positive light.

People who celebrate their birthdays within the time period from July 21 to August 20 are born under the Leo sign on the horoscopes. They are leaders and can be dictators at times. Virgo people are born from August 21 to September 20. These individuals are in a continuous struggle for the best and are always highly analytical.

In time, it will be easier for you to place a psychic shield around you. It will take less and less effort than the first time. As you get more used to the creation of a psychic shield, you can further your skill by creating additional layers to the shield. These can be thicker, stronger - whichever would match your need or feel right to you. Natural gemstones and crystals with protective powers can also be used to add to a stronger effect.

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